Heidi Marie Bassignani has been an artist from the earliest of days. Owing gratitude to her parents who constantly encouraged her creativity, she would endlessly fiddle with the typography of carefully crafting her name on the wall, or drawing creatures from imaginary worlds.

This creativity followed Heidi into her adulthood, where she obtained a bachelor's degree in Graphic Art, and went on to design products and packaging for a New England retail chain store. More recently, Heidi spent eight years as the Art Director and web developer at RSW Partners, now Ryan/Sawyer Marketing, where she focused most of her time designing and building websites and logos for many well known companies in Grand Junction and western Colorado. Heidi also worked at Colorado Mesa University, teaching Website Design 405 and 406 to junior and senior design students. She now runs her own freelance design company building custom websites and content management systems through programs like WordPress and doing graphic design of all kinds. She loves the creative work of design and also loves coding! In her free time, she runs a circus and is building a sustainable organic farm with her husband. She hopes to be an acrobat and a ballerina when she grows up.